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Vibrate at a higher frequency, and heal your mind, body & Soul

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Ihina D. Basu is a clinical psychologist, intuitive energy healer, Reiki master, certified life coach, and the creator of DigitalHealing©.
She has participated in shamanic journeys across Mexico, Peru, and Chile, taking part in various energy cleansing therapies and courses on different healing modalities. Ihina was trained by the shaman elders of South America, who taught her the sacred healing rituals.
Currently, Ihina is working with the Guides collective to help her clients restore their inner balance, and well-being of body, mind, and soul.

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"I cannot recommend a session with Ihina enough! I felt so relaxed and such a peace of mind afterwards. It's like all the tension that I was carrying had vanished. Thank you so much Ihina."   Poornima A. 


"Booked an online session of Reiki healing as I needed clarity to make a very important decision. I was very tense and not able to think properly. To my surprise the next day I woke up feeling so light and I just knew what I had to do it! I highly recommend a session with Ihina."  Amber P. 

"I was so happy with my guidance message, it helped me rethink my approach to life and to my partner and change things for the better. Thank you Ihina."  Anna R. 

"I had 4 Reiki sessions with the Guides and the result was amazing. I had suffered from insomnia for years and used to sleep very few hours a night. Now the quality of my sleep improved do much! I wake up every morning feeling rested and with more energy. Will continue my weekly sessions. Namaste."  Joseph P. 

"Thank you Ihina, the sessions helped me to get rid of the guilt and the shame that I've been holding for years."   Kelly B. 

"I'm having regular mini-healings with Ihina and my entire energy shifted so much. I feel more calm, peaceful and intuitive. I am so grateful because I really needed to be more connected with myself."  Marisa T. 

"I definitely recommend Ihina to anyone who needs a healer. The sessions and messages were spot on, so uplifting!" Kate S. 


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DigitalHealing© consists of original and unique images infused with healing energies; an artwork that emanates

healing and holistic well-being.

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