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Distant Reiki Healing for Pets/Animals

Distant Reiki Healing for Pets/Animals

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Distant Reiki Healing for Pets/Animals


One of the many beautiful things about energy healing is that it's not restricted by space or time; it can be performed from a distance with great effect! What's more, since not all animals will be easy or safe to get close to, distance healing is the perfect solution!

Why animals? Animals are sensitive to the energy of their surroundings, so it's easy for them to feel the benefits of this practice. Reiki balances animals energy patterns and strengthens their natural healing systems. It can be especially valuable for animals who have experienced trauma or anxiety.


How does Reiki help animals? It can maintain health and well-being; provide stress relief; aid in easing fear, trust issues, anxiety, grief, and sadness; accelerate healing of illnesses and injuries; speed up recovery after surgery; relieve symptoms and reduce pain; and lessen side effects after radiation and chemotherapy treatments for animals with cancer.

Please email your pet/animal's name, location, a recent picture, and any notes on why the session is needed, or you can request a general session.

Sometimes several sessions are recommended, so you may feel like your pet would benefit from an additional session(s).


Please read the FAQs for more information.


*By purchasing any session or service, you agree to the terms of service and disclaimer. You also confirm your understanding that Reiki is a complementary energy modality and not a medical treatment; any notes or suggestions received are not a substitute for the advice of a certified medical professional.

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