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Personalized Reiki Infused Images

Personalized Reiki Infused Images

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Relax. Take Care. Heal.


Reiki can be sent in many ways, including through images! Reiki-infused images can be filled with one intention that can be used for your goals and healing. These images (sent via email) can be downloaded, used as screensavers, or printed. After purchase and receipt of intention, please allow four days for the image to be charged and sent.

The image will be charged with the Reiki energy- intending healing. Reflect on it whenever you feel that you need it, and let the energy activate your unique healing capacity.


KEEP AN OPEN MIND for the best energy-healing experience.

Please read the FAQs for more information.


*By purchasing any session or service, you agree to the terms of service and disclaimer. You also confirm your understanding that Reiki is a complementary energy modality and not a medical treatment; any notes or suggestions received are not a substitute for the advice of a certified medical professional.

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