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Distant Reiki Session Package

Distant Reiki Session Package

SKU: 364115376135191

This is a bundle of four Reiki sessions, which you can space to suit your needs and schedule. The sessions must be completed within three months of purchase.

Any unused sessions will be void after this time.

In a session, Reiki healing will be sent via Ihina and the Guides - galactic healers who serve to elevate the vibration of the collective consciousness on earth. The universal life force energy supports your immune system and energy centers.

Each person is unique and experiences may vary. Know that deep healing is occurring on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, and the effects of your Reiki session will unfold over time.



The distant Reiki sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes. Please read the FAQs for more information.



*By purchasing any session or service, you agree to the terms of service and disclaimer. You also confirm your understanding that Reiki is a complementary energy modality and not a medical treatment; any notes or suggestions received are not a substitute for the advice of a certified medical professional.

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